Berkshires Arts Festival


Inkwash Painting

Nathan Carroll Nathan Carroll Nathan Carroll

This 2-hour workshop will be a hands-on look at black and white inkwash techniques. Students will particularly work with inkwash en plein air due to its mobility and simplicity of travel: ink, paper, some water, brushes and a few other optional resources are all you need. Students will first get some time to experiment with guided instruction to see some of the incredible possible uses of the ink. Small sample sheets, ink, water, and brushes will be provided to gain familiarity with the medium. Then artists will be given some larger paper to work with-- where they can attempt to create a more singular vision that utilizes some of the techniques covered. Working with ink can be explosive and liberating as well as delicate and precise at times.

With a background in art education and a deep-seated appreciation for nature, Nathan Carroll is an artist and teacher based in Central Pennsylvania. Moving from textured acrylics to deconstructions in elegantly geometric ink drawings, Nathan’s work is often playful and impressionistic, while retaining all the awe and electric energy that inhabit the expanses of the American outdoors.

SATURDAY, August 19

11:00-1:00  Inkwash Painting - 2h | $30
2:30-4:30  Inkwash Painting - 2h | $30