Berkshires Arts Festival


A Moment with Clay

Washington Ledesma Washington Ledesma

During this busy cultural weekend you may want to take a moment to observe and experience the peaceful, and yes, exciting enjoyment of working with clay. It is this most ordinary of earth’s substances which connects so many different potters in so many different cultures to each other as well as to their own ancient roots. We will explore how ideas are translated into beautiful 3-dimensional objects, where space inside the object is as important as the space outside of it, where tranquil hands and meditative centering create and reflect an artists’ inner spirituality and vision. Bring your questions to explore regarding techniques and uses of clay and kilns. Washington will also show some of the unique pieces which he creates to call us to our need to preserve the animals and the environment on our own planet.

Washington Ledesma was a successful artist in Uruguay when the fascist politicalsituation in the 70's forced him to leave his country. He resettled in the United States where he became known as a ceramist for his unusual methods of decorating the clay and his jubilant use of color. After working in Soho and living for a while in the rural countryside in Pennsylvania, Washington eventually settled on the Island of Martha's Vineyard where he now has his studio and his own gallery. On the Vineyard Washington also returned to one of his first loves, printing, drawing and painting and his Fish Paintings have made him rather famous there. He has taught at the Truro Center for the Arts and at the Featherstone Center for the Arts and was a Fellow at the Radcliffe Ceramics Studios in Cambridge.

FRIDAY, August 18
1:00-3:30  A Moment with Clay - 2.5h | $45

SUNDAY, August 20
1:00-3:30  A Moment with Clay - 2.5h | $45